I went to Seattle today together with the GCP guys. I was like their tour guide since it was a first time for all of them at the downtown area. I really like the Pike Place where you can find the very much visited Public Market. You can find great places for seafood and other delicious cuisines. You will also find the first Starbucks there.

I had a raspberry white chocolate mocha cheesecake and it was good. We also ate in a sort of seafood market but has tables where you could eat since they serve fish and chips and other seafood stuff. What I really want to do when I go back there is the food tour. Weee… A taste of almost everything is just amazing and definitely, fulfilling. Haha…

Did some little shopping at Tulalip after and I bought most for the gifts I will be sending to the Philippines soon. More shopping again on October.

What a day, but still grateful of the blessings and for the safe travel to God.


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