Today is filled with different emotions.

We had our office bbq today. It was a good break with co-workers. But, I did not expect at all I would play sports. Yeah, I played volleyball. Haha! Each team must have a female player and so I had no choice. Well, I did not really play, I just stood, watching. Hehe… I had fun though. Really had fun since it was a first time for me to be put on the spot for a sport activity. And guess what, we won! Hehe… Credit goes of course to the winning guys. 🙂

After fun, I was a bit emotional at the office in the afternoon. I dunno… For the past days I’ve really been different. And I was having tears because I suddenly felt sad that I just want to blame people for certain things. But then, I just let my emotions subside. I do not want to do something out of too much emotions.

And tonight, I got angry. And what I do not understand is I am still being numb about what happened. I just don’t care… It just feels good being like this for now… Not caring…


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