During the praise and worship time of the service today, I got a little emotional because of one song with lyrics about what it will be like in heaven. No more pain, no more suffering, etc. The reason why was because I remembered my sister, Amity. I somehow felt sad because I remembered her condition when she was in the hospital. But at the same time, because of the song, I felt comforted also knowing that she is not in pain anymore. As what I always say, heaven as real as it is became more real to me when Ate passed away.

God spoke to me today through the message. It made me ask again where my heart is right now. What am I investing for? How have I been as a steward? For the past weeks, I have been trying to figure out things on how I could serve God more and His people. And today, I’m just grateful for those questions.

Ever since I got here in Canada, all I think was that I am just temporary here. And even in the church I’m attending to, I am just a passer by. That is why I never get myself too much involved. But lately, I’ve been missing a lot of things. I miss serving God through church. I miss my small group. I miss attending Bible classes. Today, I realize that I had been territorial and exclusive. I was reminded that I should serve Him wherever I would be. If my heart is for Him, then, I should put my treasure wherever He would want me to put it. And right now, it is here.

Please pray for me as I continue to journey with my Lord.


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