I feel good tonight. 🙂

On my way out from office, I got a phone call from Willingdon Church. I felt so blessed that someone, a stranger was asking me how I was doing, how life has been. And, asked me if he can pray for me. It felt good. And when I asked why he called, he said that it’s a way of the church to show that they do care for their people. 🙂

I had life group tonight also. I had fun Bible verse hunting. I’m blessed just to be able to come and share and learn about God and about one another.

I felt good also when someone told me I looked pretty tonight, despite of feeling sleep and tired. I was told I look refreshing. Hehe…

And lastly, I saw my dear crush! Haha! Put a smile in my face.

Great night, good stuff. Thank You, Lord. 🙂

Love to hear from you

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