Fortunately, Unfortunately

I really had a great time during the weekend. I went to Calgary and spent time with Kyat, Alexa and Emile. It was Kyat’s baby shower and so I deliberately flew and at the same time to have a little getaway over the weekend. Spending time with them is always a pleasure for me. The last time I visited them was June of this year. Alexa is growing up so fast. She can communicate already and I could really have a conversation with her. She’s such a princess! And she’s so cute when she calls me Poopay. 🙂 In my whole stay there, she got attached with me that she would look for me when she wakes up in the morning. Aww… really a sweetie.  Kyat told me that she looked for me this morning but I got back already last night. I miss her!

I was glad also to be able to have long conversations with Kyat. Every time I go to Calgary, we would always have endless talks just about anything. It’s always catching up for us. And you’ll just be amaze how much topics of chitchats haven’t changed and how much have. It’s always nice to have an old friend around. 🙂

And oh, not to forget…I’m kinda getting used to have crepe every time I visit them. Thanks to Emile! 🙂

What a happy weekend, right? But unfortunately, work wasn’t so nice to me today.

Things were just crazy with work today!!! I felt like all my re-charged energy  got drained just for today and it’s not even end of the week yet. Today was just nuts! Hayayayayayay!!

I just hope tomorrow will be better.

Despite of, I still thank You Lord that I have work that makes me crazy.


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