It’s not just in big things that I could feel God’s love and care for me.  But even on little things, just like tonight on my way home. I came from church and I was in a hurry to catch the 9:35 bus at Metrotown. It normally takes 20 minutes or more to reach Metrotown through sky train. I had to catch the 9:35 or else I’ll be waiting for more than 30 minutes for the next bus. I was kinda losing hope when it was already 9:20 and the train was still in Science World. I was telling God that if He wants me to make it to the bus, He will make a way. Anyway, to make this story short. Surprisingly, I didn’t know what happened but I felt like the train skipped some stations, and 10 minutes before 9:35 the train was already in Joyce station! It’s 2 stations away from Metro. And yes, I made it to the bus 3 minutes before 9:35. Well, I did run but I had to do my part too, right? hehe… I know I couldn’t have made it but God sometimes really likes some challenge. This isn’t the first time things like this happen. I’m just glad that my God cares that He wants me to go home early and not freeze waiting for the next bus. He is just sweet! 🙂

Sometimes, we tend to look for something big to happen in our lives to really prove to ourselves that God is real and He really cares. But the truth is, each day, being able to wake up, spend time with people we love, breathe, eat, walk safely, see beautiful scenery and all other things we enjoy in our day to day, these are the little things we tend to neglect, things that reflect God’s goodness and love.

I’m just grateful for tonight. Good stuff! 🙂

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