It was just very recent (like last year) that I really started drinking tea. The only type of tea I can really drink before is iced tea – cold and sweet. heee… But when I went to visit my aunt in Virginia who would always make tea, a miracle happened (hehe). I fell in love with the smell of earl grey tea. And surprisingly, I liked the taste of it. From there on, I can already drink any type of tea – I mean I can tolerate. 🙂

And I’m just happy because I am able to enjoy milk teas already. And speaking of, I see a lot of bubble tea places already here. Before people just enjoy “Quickly” and “Zagu” slushes with pearls. But now, there are more choices! Though I really thought bubble tea has been a hit already even before I left for Canada. Well, maybe, not that much. Just today, I went to one in SM Megamall called “Tokyo Bubble Tea”. I think it has been there before I left. Maybe, just didn’t get much attention compared to today.

If you haven’t tried one, treat yourself once in a while (a bit pricey). I’ve tried Taro, Royal, Green Tea, Japanese Green Tea and Jasmine so far. If you just want a slush, maybe Zagu or Quickly is still more affordable. 🙂

Really yummy! 😀

2 thoughts on “Tea”

  1. I claimed I hated tea when I first tried it (“Ew, it tastes like weird water!”), haha! I love Quickly’s, but it was only when we moved to Vietnam that I tried bubble tea. Amazing! Since it seems you’re at the height of your tea-loving career, I suggest you try peppermint tea (my fav!) and Thai iced tea (the one with milk). 🙂

    1. I will next time.. Not really a peppermint fan but will give it a try.. And thanks for mentioning quickly.. Lol.. That’s actually what i meant.. Not thirsty.. Haha!

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