My shift ended 12 midnight. And when I got home, I had to do some laundry.  All done, thank God!

Now, just having some thoughts about life.

I was thinking, what’s really the purpose of everything that we do? I was asking myself. Why do I always try to give my best in my job, is it because I want to gain recognition? Or because I want to help our client and our company? Why do I have to go to church every Sunday? To just learn and feel blessed? Or to be able to live it out and share it others? Why do I blog? To express myself and gain praise? Or to inspire and encourage?

If I gain praise and recognition, then what? If it doesn’t glorify God?

If I get blessed and gain knowledge, then what? If it doesn’t bless God’s people?

If I do things that seem beneficial, then what? If not for God’s kingdom?

Just some questions I need to keep asking myself to keep me focused to the true purpose of my life.

Good night. Happy Weekend.


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