…long weekend over.

I just love this month! We had two consecutive long weekends and I am so grateful to be able to spend those with people who are dear to me.

Just this recent long weekend, my brother was here for a specific reason which turned out to be disappointing. But then, I don’t want us to dwell on it and instead just made the most out of it. It’s seldom I get family to visit me here in Manila. 🙂

I had a well-spent weekend with my brother and friends.

Saturday = Bourne Legacy + California Pizza Kitchen + Mary Grace Cafe

Sunday = CCF Anniv + Intramuros + Rizal Park

Monday = Videoke +  R&J Bulalohan

I just love long weekends even if cab drivers hate it (coz they don’t earn much…awww)!

I wish we have 3 days of weekend. Haha!

Thank you Lord for still making the weekend turn out memorable! 🙂

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