Last night, 9/11, my friend Rhodes and I were at Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo, CCP to watch the much-awaited Phantom of the Opera!! 😀

When we were purchasing the ticket online, we could not decide the best date due to availability of seats and of us. Haha! While checking the schedules, we noticed that 9/11 is still in green, meaning good seats are still available. And so we booked! And last night we experienced “SPECTACULAR!”. Haha!

This is my second Broadway experience. The first one was Wicked which was really wickedly awesome!! And to no disappointment, Phantom of the Opera just really made us breathless. The lights and the props were really stunning! And of course, the whole cast was great.

I love the masquerade part. Oh of course, the costumes!! I want to wear them! Haha!

I really wonder how big a back stage of a Broadway show is. Where can they put all those huge elephant and stairs?!?!

I truly invite everyone to experience Phantom! The venue isn’t that big so you can still somehow enjoy even sitting from afar. The experience is worth it, so go, and get just even the most affordable seat! Though, a closer seat is really much better. 🙂

Bravo to the whole production! 😀 For sure the show can get extended until December!

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