Chicken & Cupcake

Since I bought my  American Home Turbo Convection, I was able to prepare more healthy meals. Oil-free meals!

Growing up, my family always loved turbo chicken. And I’m so happy that I can prepare it whenever I want! Because I craved for it last week, I did some turbo for the thigh parts and some broccoli for the side. I marinated the chicken with just salt and pepper and cooked with turbo for 45 mins to an hour if you want it really crisp.  As for the broccoli, I just steamed it then, sauteed with butter after.


If you want to do it for a whole chicken, would be best to marinate it for a long time. Then, put lemon grass and we have this fruit we call in Ilonggo “Batuan” which really adds to the taste of the chicken. But, lemon grass is okay. Put both in the inside part of the chicken and marinade inside as well with salt and pepper and some “calamansi” or lemon.

This is the “I’m not proud part” of what I prepared. I wanted to bake banana muffin and I don’t know – I put in the wrong type of sugar to my mix. And so, the muffin was just the worst ever!! And I’ve made this before already, I just don’t know what I was thinking!! Grrrr….

I will definitely, definitely, definitely do it again perfectly!


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