Driving 101


Today was my first 2-hour driving session. I was excited and a bit nervous. I mean, driving has never really been my thing. I just felt that I never had the courage to be in a road with thousands of vehicles around me, especially here in Metro Manila.

However, today, I got out from my comfort zone and conquered the road! Hehe… Well, thanks to my driving instructor from SMART Driving School. He was very relaxed and wasn’t pressuring me and was very patient on me so I tried to relax myself as well.

I must say it was a very productive first two hours. Since I was learning manual driving, I had to really learn the proper foot work, doing clutch, gas and brake. According to my instructor, I was doing a good job with my foot work. Yay!

My challenge was my left and right turns. I had to improve in my estimate as to when to turn. Just so many angles to look at! ๐Ÿ™‚ I also need to practice more in changing lanes.

Well, it was just my first session, I don’t have to be hard on myself, right? I believe I did well. I got good rates, I guess in my evaluation. ๐Ÿ™‚

Can’t believe I survived EDSA and the roundabout in Kapitolyo and Shaw Blvd! Hehe…

*pat on my back*

Tomorrow will be another 2 hours. Hopefully, I will not forget what I learned today and will get better!

Love to hear from you

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