Celebrating LIFE

When you love God and watch this video, you can’t help but dance.


How often do we celebrate God’s greatness and awesomeness? How often do we celebrate the life that God has given to us through Jesus?

As I journey towards 30, I pray that I will dance more on God’s dance floor even if I don’t know how to be able to express my gratefulness to the true LIFE GIVER, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am always overwhelmed of how amazing and great and good and loving and faithful and gracious (not enough words) Jesus Christ is. If you are dancing on the wrong floor now, I hope you jump off and get on God’s dance floor.

Because only in His dance floor that you can find the love and amazing grace you haven’t experienced before.

If you want to be free and alive, get your feet movin’ on God’s great dance floor.


Love to hear from you

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