Out of Focus

What happens when you take a photo and your camera is out of focus? The subject becomes blurry, right? Or the picture doesn’t show how you wanted it to be.

That’s how I can describe my current state right now. Out of Focus.

I’ve been trying to establish my day to day routine since I went back to work for more than a month now. And it’s still a struggle for me. The only thing I have established is to wake up by 7am and sleepy by 10pm. Other than that, my time after work each day has become topsy-turvy.

I need to start setting new goals. I need to start doing things that would matter not just for now but with a perspective of eternity. I need to take away the distractions around me. I got so encouraged by my friend who committed to the Lord to give up TV for a year.

I don’t have to start doing big things. I just need to make each minute that I have count. Whether it would be rest or an activity, it should be done with a goal in mind.

With this, I’m committing to God that I would use my time after work and even my weekends to things that are not just merely for doing things but with the purpose of pleasing and glorifying God.

I can only see a clear picture when everything I’m doing is aligned to what God has set for me to do. I can’t continue having an out of focus walk with God. It’s time to put back things on how they were supposed to be. God being the first.

Love to hear from you

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