What’s wrong with me?

Seriously, what is wrong with me?

I felt like I’ve been trapped in fear of failure. I am truly grateful for my work but the past days, I feel like I’m slowly losing confidence on myself. I feel like I’m going to fail anytime. This is how I always feel when I’m not in my comfort zone.

I don’t know if my brain just really got slower in processing new knowledge every day or I am just really incapable of my work. I never liked this feeling of waking up each day, fearing that things might not go well at work.

And maybe the reason for this is I tend to think what other people might think of me. Instead of just focusing on what I need to do, I tend to over think of how things might turn out to be in a negative way.

I don’t like this struggle. God is enough to assure me that He will help me and sustain me. But I still give in to fear that I end up spaced out and worn out.

I know I just have to trust God each day with every detail of my work. I know He cares about what I do because He cares for me. I know there is nothing to be afraid or worry about. He will guide me every step of the way.

What’s wrong with me? The way I think is what’s wrong with me. I pray that God will continue to renew my mind that I may overcome fear through Jesus.

Hope tomorrow will be a better day!

Love to hear from you

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