Late Night

I’m still awake, doesn’t want to sleep on some thoughts I have.

I usually don’t share some matters of the heart but tonight I will make an exception.

There’s this someone whom I’ve been crushing for sometime now. I know it sounds so highschool but I really seldom have one. So I just kinda like enjoy this moment. Lol

Anyway, I really don’t know much about this person except that he loves to serve God and others. And it’s interesting that he is still single.

We had very little exchange of conversations. Situation just really doesn’t allow sometimes. Most of the time, just really exchanging smiles.

I’ve been praying that at least there would be a chance for us to be friends but seems like it’s not happening. We just don’t belong in the same circle.

I thought he was interested in the beginning because he was making effort talking and making conversation. I got too conscious I could not even start one. lol

But maybe he isn’t after all. Better not assume anything.

So now, I’ll just wait until this phase will be gone…

Unless, God would make something happen 😉

Good night!


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