About Me

I’m no princess. Nor the heiress to a throne or any throne for that matter. And I don’t have any ancestors of royal families from far, far away.

Though, there’s still the possibility of being one if I meet a real “prince”, right? Haha! *daydreaming*


My name is not Princess either. My parents gave me a common name but with a different spelling which I have to explain every time people ask.  My name is Stifany. (Yes, I know the spelling…) My parents wanted us to have unique names, that’s why.

I’m in my most defining years 😁, still single and beautifully waiting, and absolutely loving the journey!


I was born in the Philippines, a Cebuana by birth (born in Cebu) and Ilongga by heart (grew up in Bacolod). I’m from a family of 5 children, blessed with very loving parents and siblings. I am a Software Engineer by profession and has been far from my family since I started working in the capital city of our country, Metro Manila. And now, I’m even farther. Hehe…


I moved here in Canada last May 27 of 2014 to start a new life. I used to be just a temp worker here before but now, I am living here! Talking about living the dream!!! Only made possible by God and God alone.


I can be an introvert or an extrovert as needed. 😃 I value me-time by just reading a book, watching a movie or Korean dramas, going to the gym, jogging, cooking/baking, writing, window shopping or doing crafts. However, I am more energized being with people even just to hang out, eat out or just talk over a bubble tea (or any…hehe).

I love going to the beach (which I will miss big time) just to relax, smell the ocean, get my feet wet. I am loving the outdoors of Canada with so many beautiful mountains to hike and explore.



And oh, I like Korean food – from kimchi to bbq to street food to ice cream to everything!


I heart dogs!


I can give a long list of what and what not’s but I’m pretty sure you didn’t visit my blog just for that. 🙂

But one last, important fact I want to share about me is what keeps me going, no…not what, WHO keeps me going. I’m deeply in love with Jesus Christ. You may have heard about Him, know Him but to experience Him is what keeps me going. He changed my life and I can’t imagine life without Him.  Jesus loves the people with messy life, that’s why He loves me. And certainly, He loves you too regardless of who you are or where you are at.


Thank you for visiting my blog and I really hope that you would be encouraged as you read through my posts. I’m blessed with so many people through their stories and so I hope I could do the same to you.

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