Appreciate One

When I left my previous company, I realized I have not been fully vocal and transparent of how much I appreciate people at work.  I recognize and appreciate people for their hardwork but, not really on how much they have made an impact to my life. I really need to get better on this.

There is also this movie that this person faked his death to know what people would tell about him. Do you realize that it is only when a person passed away that all the good things about that person are told? I believe that the people who are part of our lives or people we encounter once in a while must know how much they have impacted our lives and how much they are appreciated.

I, myself, is not really good with words when appreciating someone. But, it is never too late. With this, I challenged myself to appreciate at least 1 per week through my blog. And hopefully, it will become a habit of mine to appreciate people in my day to day encounter.

Let us choose to see the good in everyone. ❤

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