I had a fun night today. I had a dinner with a good friend of mine, Anni. I wanted to try the restaurants in Yaletown and so we ate at the Hub.

I feel sad since it’s the second to the last meeting of me and Anni. Huhu..

Always grateful of new friends here. 🙂




I watched the movie Salmon Fishing in Yemen tonight with Pang, Esther and Chris. The storyline is very interesting and a lot of insight in the movie.

What reminded me in the movie is the importance of having a vision. And to accomplish that vision, it has to be partnered with faith.

Great movie!


Have you been praying for something and thinking that God will never answer you? Well, don’t give up praying because God answers. Not all the time the answer that we want, but for sure, it is always for our best.

Just want to encourage you with my own story too. -> HE Answers.


I got so ecstatic tonight!! I got confirmation of my official flight going back home. Sooo happy!!

Though, I’m still having mixed emotions. I feel sad that I’ll be leaving this beautiful place and my new found friends here. But, I’m not closing my doors. Someday, I really want to come back here. Hopefully, with my family next time.

Thank you Lord for giving me this confirmation that I really needed. 🙂