Today, God reminded me that in wherever place we may be, there will always be a crooked and perversed generation. That’s why He commanded us, His children to be a light of the world.

I’ve been struggling with people recently that I stored in my heart a lot of negative emotions. I realized that there will always be people that could test pur character. The sad part is we can never have the power to change them. What we can only control is how we respond to them – our heart.

I pray that from this day onwards, I will press on to be a light and not to put God in shame.

Fear of the Lord is indeed the beginning of knowledge and wisdom.

Philippians 2:14-15 said to stop grumbling but instead prove that we His children are blameless that we may be a light to this crooked generation. To be like Jesus is what God has wanted us to be.


A communication was sent out in the office yesterday to wear pink today to promote the “Anti-Bully” campaign. And to express our support, some of us wore pink.

I’v never experienced bullied in school but I witnessed a lot especially in my grade school years. And, it was never a good thing. Hope this campaign will really bring a lot of awareness on the effects of bullying especially to the young generation.


Mingle, mingle, mingle…

That’s the chant for the whole day. Really had fun at the community activity. Met new people and did fun activities for the day. More details on diary of a princess.

Awesome day! After the event, spent the rest of the night at night market. Little tiangge shopping and yummy yummy asian food!

Aaaaaahhhh…love this day! Thank you Lord!




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