It’s been just 3 months since I got back from Canada and I’ve been sick twice already in those 3 months. Sore throat + fever. I’m thinking maybe it’s because of the different type of food that I’ve been eating that my throat gets irritated easily. I really don’t know.

Since yesterday, I’ve been sick again. I have a painful tonsillitis!!  I think it was because of the pad thai I had last Friday that really killed my tonsils.

Anyway, this is a diet for me! haha! I can’t swallow solid food. Soup, yogurts, fluids. That’s all I can eat.

Have you tried the Nestle yogurt + jelly? I kinda like it! 😀



Just tonight at work, my team were talking about all types of food! And I mentioned to them “dalupapa” which I haven’t seen here in Manila.  I remembered when my family was still living in Cebu, my mom frequently cooks this for us. Me, being a lover of squid, “dalupapa” is a very special treat for me!

Cravings!! Hopefully, I can find a restaurant here in Metro Manila that serves this grilled. When I’ll go back to Cebu, I’ll definitely won’t miss it!

Dreaming of dalupapa…………………


This week has been a bit busy for me that I just wanted to chill out on a Friday night. Thanks to Rhodes, she welcomed me to her SAW(Singles@Work) group dinner. After dinner, Rhodes and I grabbed some drinks at a coffee shop. So good to just have a girl talk and laughed about things. Just the kind of break I needed this week. 🙂

So blessed with soul sisters!


I had a great time today! I watched the movie “Every Breath You Take” with friends today. A feel-good, romantic comedy movie that will just make you burst with laughter.

After which, my friend, Rhodes and I had a blog making tutorial session. I helped her in finalizing her blog sites so that she can really start writing.

And to end the day, we had bubble tea at Tea 101 which just opened recently here in California Garden Square. Not bad actually. 🙂

Happy Saturday!


No Reservation


When I learned from my friend’s blog the very interesting place called, “Van Gogh is Bipolar”, I just can’t wait to go to the place. So I invited my friends and we drove to the streets of Quezon City.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any available seat anymore. They told us we have to make reservation, and better if a month early. Haha! Well, the place was really small and on weekends, it would really be difficult to get a good seat.

Good thing, there were other little restaurants around and so we went in to the one just beside it. It’s called “Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace”.  Actually, I think the place was filled with most of the people who didn’t make reservation in Van Gogh. Hehe…

But the place was also unique in its own way. The walls of the place were filled with posters of old movies from different countries. The windows have artworks. A lot of things going on in the place actually. Well, it’s not called art space for no reason.

We tried their sardines and adobo flakes pasta. Also, their guyabano ice cream, mango toron and dulce de leche cheesecake. Our top two favorites were the sardines pasta and guyabano ice cream!

Oh, and I think the owner was Kuya Bodjie (Bodjie Pascua of Batibot). He was there just sitting and instructed to turn on the air condition when the place was getting filled up with people.

Well, our night didn’t  turn out that disappointing after all. We still were able to enjoy great food in a cute little art space. 🙂 And some bubble tea after just around the place! 😀