Calling all women!

Hey you… 🙂

If you’re a girl, a lady, a woman – I’d like to invite you to my page as Beautifully Waiting goes public.

I believe all of us are in a journey of waiting. Sometimes we are too focused on the end of the road that we forget to enjoy the journey towards that road. Waiting doesn’t have to be passive. We just need to learn how to beautifully wait.

Hope you’ll find encouragement through this page ->

God bless!





The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.” ( Gen11:6-7)

What made God say and do this? Rewind a little bit…

People building the tower of Babel.

“Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the earth.”(Gen11:4)

As I was reading these verses tonight, I gained a different kind of appreciation for the different languages that we have. Just imagine if all of us speak the same language, I can’t really imagine all the possibilities but God did. Such pride of us, men! That’s why He brought confusion to the language. I complain sometimes why there are different languages and accents which make communication difficult. Now, I am reminded that even the different languages are part of the work of God.

Indeed, God is all knowing. He knows the very heart of men and what we could possibly do. And I’m glad and grateful that God always do something to give us a wake up call from our selfish way of life.

All glory to God!


I had a video call with one of my best friends who is living in Canada already. And my goddaughter Alexa is always present even though she doesn’t talk to me most of the call, she just wants me to watch her play around.

I asked her to sing me a happy birthday song but she wants to do it with her animal candle. Hehe… Cute girl!

I hope she feels better and her brother Lucas. They both got stomach virus from other children.

But this little angel never fails to make me laugh. Because of her sickness, she’s been farting a lot that she can’t even stand it. Then, she said to her fart: “Stay away from my bum.” Haha! Funny, cute, little angel. 🙂

Just a best way to end the night.

Sleep tight. 🙂

bday alexa

Beautifully 29

I just celebrated my 29th birthday a few hours ago.

I’m just wondering sometimes why a birthday has to be kept in secret;why some people are so shy telling others that it’s their birthday.

I love celebrating birthdays -either it’s mine or my family or friends. I just love to celebrate it. Not because of gifts or cakes, but because it’s an expression of being joyful for another blessed year that passed by. It’s celebrating life!

And yes, I love month-long birthdays! I mean, we get to celebrate it once a year, why not make it longer, right? 🙂 I dunno, it’s just really me. Somehow, it becomes an excuse just to be with the people who you don’t see for weeks or months and they just can’t say no cause it’s your birthday. 🙂

I had an awesome day today, despite of some issues at work. I just can’t let it rain on my birthday. 🙂 Since I don’t have my family here, I’m still blessed that I get to spend my day with my spiritual family, co-workers and close friends.

And of course, I got to blow my 29th candle. 🙂 What’s a birthday without a candle, right? Hehe… Just kidding!

Now, life going 30 is just beginning. I’m looking forward for 2 things this year. It’s between me and the Lord and some friends. 😉

I praise God for a fruitful 29th year!



To God be the glory!!


I thought today would be a very good day. Our living room just got emptied with our extra set of couch, meaning more space. The deployment at work went well with no issues. Things went pretty smooth most of the day until I had a talk with someone.

I don’t know what people think when I put my photos in Facebook or when I make posts about stuff. Maybe, some would think, “She must have a good life. Travel. Food. Friends.” Well, true enough. And I owe everything to God – the good life.  But what you see in social sites are just portions of what the lives of the people really are.

I’m hoping that if you read this, you would realize that you are not alone in whatever you’re going through.

Family problems? Sure, I have those.

Struggles? Sure, I also have.

Financial issues? Ditto!

Career dilemma? Definitely.

Heart matters? Of course.

Attitude problem? I ain’t perfect.

Every day, I have a meeting with any of those, a two or three of them maybe. I wish I can say my life is perfect. But sad reality, it will never be. I’m blessed beyond what I have imagined. But it’s all because of God who is perfect and good.

What happened tonight, just reminded me that indeed, I can’t really do everything apart from God. I wanted to be mad and angry and really pissed. But all I did – cried and prayed and surrendered to God. I really can’t do anything. I can’t force people. I can’t control people. I can’t change people. Despite how hurtful it is that I just want to say mean things, I got reminded of God’s grace.  I don’t have the right. And it is very hard even while typing this.

You see, without God in my life, I can be the most annoying, judgmental, self-righteous, controlling, tactless person. And maybe sometimes, I still am. But only God can tug my heart and say, “Be still. Be calm.”

I feel so much better now just to be able to do this.

So, if you have a very tough day, you’re not alone. You just have to keep the faith and let God. 🙂