41 done. 59 more.

I started my bucket list 3 years ago and one of the things I’ve wanted to do is to be able to give away 100 handmade cards.

I started doing handmade cards 4 years ago when my friend, Emma introduced me to a different world of doing arts & crafts. This included going to Michael’s on lunch breaks with printed coupons to buy for papers, punchers, embellishments, stamps and more papers! (Those were the days…)

And that’s how it became a part of my bucket list. I know giving cards is very rare nowadays. Most people just do everything online because it is more accessible. And that’s the reason why I challenged myself to never stop making cards to remind people that “old school” cards are still worth keeping.

At some point, I stopped making cards but it doesn’t mean I can never go back. As I wrote in my blog yesterday, I got inspired with the movie Julie & Julia. I mentioned there I want to write a book someday. But for now, I’ll do cards first.

I counted how many cards I had made (including some which I helped others to make) and I’m so happy to say that I already made 41 cards and gave all away! So that means, 59 more to go!! Before I left Philippines, my friends from church gave me their own handmade cards to help me complete my bucket list.


So thoughtful of them! So I have something to start on since I don’t have my tools anymore. I left everything back home. Huhu. But it’s okay. I know eventually, I’ll be able to start having a new set of tools and materials again.

Completion of 100 handmade cards resume!!! Aja! Aja! Let me know if you need a card, I’d love to make one for you. 🙂

Here are the handmade cards I made:

1. My first card   DSC09516

2. IMG_2479 3. IMG_2113                                                            4. IMG_2111             5.     IMG_1840   6. IMG_1837 7. IMG_1814                                                            8. tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo6_r1_1280    9. tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo7_r1_1280                       10. tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo3_1280 11.tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo2_1280                                     12.IMG_0040 13. IMG_0037                              14.IMG_0006 15. DSC09672                           16. IMG_0011 17. DSC09663                                           18. DSC09660 19.  DSC09527                                                20.IMG_8443              21.    IMG_5105   22. IMG_7064 23,24,25 IMG_6912                                     26.IMG_6910 27. IMG_6909                        28.IMG_629729.  IMG_2988                                     30.IMG_2502 31. IMG_2501                                   32.IMG_249933. IMG_2496                                                  34.IMG_249535. IMG_2493                             36.IMG_249137.  IMG_2489                                                  38.IMG_248639. IMG_2483                   40.IMG_248241. IMG_2480

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