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The first time I tried baking cupcakes was with some friends at church. I never had a clue about baking until that day. For me, it was very,very complicated. But then, when I saw how it was prepared and done, I realized it wasn’t that complicated at all. I can absolutely do it on my own. And so, from then on, I developed a little interest on baking.

It’s something I want to learn more especially that I’m really a “bread” person. I’d love to learn how to make bread. Who wouldn’t want freshly baked breads everyday, right?

Here’s a picture of my first try of making cream puff. Well, it wasn’t bad for a first time (or I dunno, I’m no expert). Though, I tried doing it again and the second time was much better! You can find here the recipe I used for my second try ->

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I have this tendency to automatically lock the door of my room. Last night, I did it again. Unfortunately, I fell in deep sleep that my roommate called my phone 13 times but it was in vibrate mode and I believe been knocking the door.

I woke up not sure what time that was when I heard a knock. My bad 😦

Lesson Learned – don’t lock or just turn on the phone!!! 😦


Would you agree that in this lifetime, time is truly a luxury?

A luxury…

When we don’t have time…

for family
for rest
for doing hobbies
for meeting people

most importantly, for God.

I use to struggle in managing my time especially during weekends. My calendar is always booked that I got worn out and sick as often because of the lack of rest. This year, I’ve learned to somehow manage my time and make sure I really have time for God and for rest.

God was very serious when He said to keep the Sabbath holy. He knows our limitations and that we truly need rest to be recharged for the good works that He has prepared for us to do in the next days.

I thank God that He gives me 2 days off to be renewed.

Don’t you love weekends? 🙂

Happy Rest Day! 🙂


I’m sleepy already but I’m still unable to sleep. I have so many things in my mind and in my heart that I just want to sort them out before I fall to sleep.

The past week has been filled with a lot of lessons learned, reminders, reflections, deep thoughts, controlled emotions, stories and action items.

I wish there is a system that would automatically organize each and put them into specific folders to be processed by my mental faculty.

Now, I really want to sleep. All of these in my mind, I just want to entrust to God. Not for Him to sort it out for me, but for me to be able to sort out things and make it aligned to His will.

Indeed, apart from Jesus, my life will forever be unsorted.

Tonight, I’m letting tomorrow worry for itself. Me? I will sleep in peace.

Good night! 🙂



Something funny happened tonight that I just have to share it. While working something on my laptop, I suddenly felt a tiny nail (cut fingernail) on my track pad. I just ignored it, removed it then back to typing. Then, for a second, I paused. What is a nail doing on my track pad? How did it go there? And something made sense suddenly!

You see, for how many weeks already, I’ve been wondering what happened to the left key of my track pad. All of a sudden, it doesn’t work properly anymore. So, I lived with it thinking that it could have been of my long press of the key.

But now, it’s working so well!!! Connect the dots? Lol…

Oh well, lesson learned… when you are or someone is trimming nails, keep laptops away! haha…


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