I really had a great time tonight. Celebrated Ate Jeany’s birthday and somehow a send-off for me. And now, I feel so sad and heavy-hearted. I don’t want to go home. 😦 Not because I don’t miss my family. I miss them so much and I’m very much looking forward to spending time with them. It’s just that this time, I feel like I’m going to leave a part of my heart here in Canada. I just feel so sad… 😦



Last night was Passion Vancouver at Rogers Arena.  So amazed seeing a lot of young people filling up the place.

When I was waiting for my friends before the event, a married couple passed by and asked me what the event was. So I told them it’s Passion Vancouver. Then the wife asked me if it is about knowing Jesus. And I said, yes. And that it was a Christian event. And she said how nice it was to have such event.

And indeed, it was a night of knowing Jesus and knowing Him more.

My take away for that night was one thing: Surrender.

Here’s a new song of surrender by Passion band.



Tonight was my last day in Thursday Lifegroup. But it was a very fun last night. I’m going to miss everyone! I’m just glad I didn’t cry. Was really holding it.


And I feel sad too because of another bad news. Anni’s friend’s grandmother who was missing was found already but unfortunately she passed away. So sad… 😦

Indeed, there’s a time for everything.




I had a great day today. Thank God for just sustaining me.

I was able to finish the things that I set to finish today and even was able to do other things.

But tonight’s dinner was the highlight of my day. I had a dinner with Emma and her daughter, Richi at White Spot. As always, not a dull moment with the little girl.

At the age of 3, she is just amazing to really start a conversation and just go on about it. hehe…

Funny conversation she had with our server, she said to the guy, “Can you be a macho man?” Hahahaha!

Also, we had a toast and she said, “Cheers to Mommy, Tita Pepz and Richi!” Hihi…

On our way home, she said, “The sun turned upside down.” Haha…because it was already a sunset…Funny girl!

A lot of funny conversations actually but those are the best ones. 🙂

Will truly miss her and Emma.


Today was a jam-packed day! I had lunch at Boathouse with my co-workers. Then, carnival after. An indoor carnival. Then, worship service which really affirmed my prayer this morning. Dinner after at Pink Elephant with Coastal church friends. Then, dessert at DQ.

What a day, eh? 🙂 Always grateful to God for friends. 🙂