I just feel sad tonight. As i was trying to reflect how my week was, I haven’t really had a quality quiet time for the past 3 days. No wonder I just miss God so much. I’ve been so preoccupied with things that I just do a splash and go even when reading His Word. I really need to go back to my morning time. Must sleep early and wake up early!!

I have to glorify the Maker, the Giver before I enjoy the things that He made for me and gave me.

Good night for now.

Don’t be tempted.


The aftermath of the Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 was just barbaric. Good thing we left the place even when the game was just starting. Anything can really happen in such a huge crowd especially when some of them were under the influence already of alcohol or I don’t know what else. Last night, was just a very horrible, scary and disappointing situation to witness.

I was in downtown just tonight to attend Lifegroup and the place felt safe already. Though, I haven’t passed by the location of the incident. It was just nice that people were helping out this morning to clean up the streets. Those crazy guys should be punished to clean the streets for a year. Hehe…

Here’s a photo when we got stuck in the crowd.