41 done. 59 more.

I started my bucket list 3 years ago and one of the things I’ve wanted to do is to be able to give away 100 handmade cards.

I started doing handmade cards 4 years ago when my friend, Emma introduced me to a different world of doing arts & crafts. This included going to Michael’s on lunch breaks with printed coupons to buy for papers, punchers, embellishments, stamps and more papers! (Those were the days…)

And that’s how it became a part of my bucket list. I know giving cards is very rare nowadays. Most people just do everything online because it is more accessible. And that’s the reason why I challenged myself to never stop making cards to remind people that “old school” cards are still worth keeping.

At some point, I stopped making cards but it doesn’t mean I can never go back. As I wrote in my blog yesterday, I got inspired with the movie Julie & Julia. I mentioned there I want to write a book someday. But for now, I’ll do cards first.

I counted how many cards I had made (including some which I helped others to make) and I’m so happy to say that I already made 41 cards and gave all away! So that means, 59 more to go!! Before I left Philippines, my friends from church gave me their own handmade cards to help me complete my bucket list.


So thoughtful of them! So I have something to start on since I don’t have my tools anymore. I left everything back home. Huhu. But it’s okay. I know eventually, I’ll be able to start having a new set of tools and materials again.

Completion of 100 handmade cards resume!!! Aja! Aja! Let me know if you need a card, I’d love to make one for you. 🙂

Here are the handmade cards I made:

1. My first card   DSC09516

2. IMG_2479 3. IMG_2113                                                            4. IMG_2111             5.     IMG_1840   6. IMG_1837 7. IMG_1814                                                            8. tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo6_r1_1280    9. tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo7_r1_1280                       10. tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo3_1280 11.tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo2_1280                                     12.IMG_0040 13. IMG_0037                              14.IMG_0006 15. DSC09672                           16. IMG_0011 17. DSC09663                                           18. DSC09660 19.  DSC09527                                                20.IMG_8443              21.    IMG_5105   22. IMG_7064 23,24,25 IMG_6912                                     26.IMG_6910 27. IMG_6909                        28.IMG_629729.  IMG_2988                                     30.IMG_2502 31. IMG_2501                                   32.IMG_249933. IMG_2496                                                  34.IMG_249535. IMG_2493                             36.IMG_249137.  IMG_2489                                                  38.IMG_248639. IMG_2483                   40.IMG_248241. IMG_2480

The Valentine’s Project

My discipleship group ladies suggested to make chocolates with messages to give away to our colleagues on Valentine’s Day.

Just like any special day, these are times that we can share the love of God to others. So we grabbed this opportunity to spread out God’s love through our time and effort in making goodies.

It was a long week of chocolate making and baking. We started on the Sunday before Feb. 14. The girls had so much fun as their creativity were challenged especially in designing some of the round chocolates.


We made chocolate hearts in lollipop sticks and smaller chocolate hearts. We used three colors – white, red and dark chocolate for variety. It was very easy to make as we just had to melt the bars and then put them into molders and let it hardened inside the refrigerator.

IMG_1717 IMG_1719

melting the chocolates


chocolate bars

IMG_1672 IMG_1677molded chocolates

We printed out Bible verses to be attached to the chocolates after they were packed. These are the final products of our project.

IMG_1675 IMG_1713 IMG_1688 IMG_1712

We didn’t finish everything in one day and so I had to continue making more for the rest of the week. It was a very fun experience and we really hoped that the people who received those goodies felt they were much loved by us and by God.

IMG_1730the chocolate factory crew 🙂

No Reservation


When I learned from my friend’s blog the very interesting place called, “Van Gogh is Bipolar”, I just can’t wait to go to the place. So I invited my friends and we drove to the streets of Quezon City.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any available seat anymore. They told us we have to make reservation, and better if a month early. Haha! Well, the place was really small and on weekends, it would really be difficult to get a good seat.

Good thing, there were other little restaurants around and so we went in to the one just beside it. It’s called “Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace”.  Actually, I think the place was filled with most of the people who didn’t make reservation in Van Gogh. Hehe…

But the place was also unique in its own way. The walls of the place were filled with posters of old movies from different countries. The windows have artworks. A lot of things going on in the place actually. Well, it’s not called art space for no reason.

We tried their sardines and adobo flakes pasta. Also, their guyabano ice cream, mango toron and dulce de leche cheesecake. Our top two favorites were the sardines pasta and guyabano ice cream!

Oh, and I think the owner was Kuya Bodjie (Bodjie Pascua of Batibot). He was there just sitting and instructed to turn on the air condition when the place was getting filled up with people.

Well, our night didn’t  turn out that disappointing after all. We still were able to enjoy great food in a cute little art space. 🙂 And some bubble tea after just around the place! 😀