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I was so motivated today to work on my blog site seriously. I’ve always wanted to buy my own domain but I just kept on delaying it because I felt like I won’t be able to sustain it in terms of my time to regularly update the site.

My friend, Anne and I have been planning to do small workshops for those who want to start their own free blog sites but don’t know how to start building it. Yesterday, we did our sort of pilot workshop to one of Anne’s friend, Verna as she wanted to start her own  Word press site.

Both of them were so passionate in putting up their site to share their craft and experiences. And that’s what inspired me. I needed that contagious spirit to make me go back to one of the things I love to do, which is to write.

And so, I’m re-launching my something old, something new website –

All the details are in the About pages.

Welcome! Enjoy!



Miss Me?









I missed blogging too! It’s been almost 2 weeks now since I went home here in Bacolod. 

Will definitely go back to blogging once I go back to Manila. So many things I want to write but can wait. 

Just passing by since wordpress missed me…hehe…


I’m so happy that I’ve finally moved my blogspot entries to wordpress!! Thought I still need to do some work but I’m just glad importing is done.

Hope you’ll drop by to my other blog site –

Be inspired & encouraged! 🙂


One of the things I want to pursue is to tell the stories of normal people like me. Stories that will encourage others. Stories that will make them search for the truth. Stories that will inspire.

I’m hoping that this will be realized. Any person has a story to tell. This is not just about for the sake of blogging and gaining readers, but letting the world know that all of us have a common ground, we just respond differently.

🙂 aja aja!


I had a great time today! I watched the movie “Every Breath You Take” with friends today. A feel-good, romantic comedy movie that will just make you burst with laughter.

After which, my friend, Rhodes and I had a blog making tutorial session. I helped her in finalizing her blog sites so that she can really start writing.

And to end the day, we had bubble tea at Tea 101 which just opened recently here in California Garden Square. Not bad actually. 🙂

Happy Saturday!


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