Morning Exercise


My dear sister in Christ, Ann wanted to start doing regular exercise. It was really a good thing that she asked me because it’s been a while since I haven’t been doing such.

Since Monday this week, we started doing walking and some jogging every Morning. There is this place called Capitol Commons in Pasig wherein you can jog around. It’s really a nice place to jog as there are not much people and it is very close to our houses.

It’s our third day this week and we are hoping to consistently do it MWF every week. I’m looking forward for more routines and improvements in our body endurance.

Yay to morning exercise! 🙂

Happy Friday!

Food for the Body & Soul


Since I resigned from work, I had more time preparing meals especially breakfast!

One breakfast, I cooked for me and my roomie some buttered carrots, omelette and our favorite chorizo made in Cebu. It’s just nice to have normal meals on weekdays.


I craved also for some sweets this week that I bought donuts and a box of chocolate-filled pretzel sticks.

I realized how dependent we are with food that sometimes we feel like we are about to die if we can’t eat a proper meal on time.


I’m glad that Jesus taught us about prayer and fasting. Not just that it reminds me that I don’t live by bread alone, but it’s an amazing journey with the Lord as He enables me to just be dependent and focused on Him alone. It is a time of prayer and studying of the Bible instead of eating meals. It could be a one meal fast or three meals fast and it could be three days or a week. Aside from meals, there’s also a fast from the things that usually take away our time for God like watching television and/or the internet (Facebook, etc.)

If you haven’t tried prayer and fasting, I really recommend you give it a try.  You will experience God much deeper.


Rhodes and I have a free 10 sessions at Fitness First gym. And it’s only after a month it was activated that we were really able to find time.

So today, we attended a body balance class. And surprisingly, we both enjoyed it! 🙂 If was both our first time. It is very relaxing and a very good way to release stress.

I can’t wait to go back for another session.

Thank you to Rhodes’ friend for the free card! 🙂

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