I had a great time tonight with friends. Marge, Imee and I had dinner at Greenbelt 3 over a Japanese cuisine. After which, we had bubble tea. Finally, I was able to try Serenitea! 🙂

Had an awesome girl talk time. Talking about stuff. 🙂

Looking forward for more quality times!



I had a great time today! I watched the movie “Every Breath You Take” with friends today. A feel-good, romantic comedy movie that will just make you burst with laughter.

After which, my friend, Rhodes and I had a blog making tutorial session. I helped her in finalizing her blog sites so that she can really start writing.

And to end the day, we had bubble tea at Tea 101 which just opened recently here in California Garden Square. Not bad actually. 🙂

Happy Saturday!



It was just very recent (like last year) that I really started drinking tea. The only type of tea I can really drink before is iced tea – cold and sweet. heee… But when I went to visit my aunt in Virginia who would always make tea, a miracle happened (hehe). I fell in love with the smell of earl grey tea. And surprisingly, I liked the taste of it. From there on, I can already drink any type of tea – I mean I can tolerate. 🙂

And I’m just happy because I am able to enjoy milk teas already. And speaking of, I see a lot of bubble tea places already here. Before people just enjoy “Quickly” and “Zagu” slushes with pearls. But now, there are more choices! Though I really thought bubble tea has been a hit already even before I left for Canada. Well, maybe, not that much. Just today, I went to one in SM Megamall called “Tokyo Bubble Tea”. I think it has been there before I left. Maybe, just didn’t get much attention compared to today.

If you haven’t tried one, treat yourself once in a while (a bit pricey). I’ve tried Taro, Royal, Green Tea, Japanese Green Tea and Jasmine so far. If you just want a slush, maybe Zagu or Quickly is still more affordable. 🙂

Really yummy! 😀

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