41 done. 59 more.

I started my bucket list 3 years ago and one of the things I’ve wanted to do is to be able to give away 100 handmade cards.

I started doing handmade cards 4 years ago when my friend, Emma introduced me to a different world of doing arts & crafts. This included going to Michael’s on lunch breaks with printed coupons to buy for papers, punchers, embellishments, stamps and more papers! (Those were the days…)

And that’s how it became a part of my bucket list. I know giving cards is very rare nowadays. Most people just do everything online because it is more accessible. And that’s the reason why I challenged myself to never stop making cards to remind people that “old school” cards are still worth keeping.

At some point, I stopped making cards but it doesn’t mean I can never go back. As I wrote in my blog yesterday, I got inspired with the movie Julie & Julia. I mentioned there I want to write a book someday. But for now, I’ll do cards first.

I counted how many cards I had made (including some which I helped others to make) and I’m so happy to say that I already made 41 cards and gave all away! So that means, 59 more to go!! Before I left Philippines, my friends from church gave me their own handmade cards to help me complete my bucket list.


So thoughtful of them! So I have something to start on since I don’t have my tools anymore. I left everything back home. Huhu. But it’s okay. I know eventually, I’ll be able to start having a new set of tools and materials again.

Completion of 100 handmade cards resume!!! Aja! Aja! Let me know if you need a card, I’d love to make one for you. 🙂

Here are the handmade cards I made:

1. My first card   DSC09516

2. IMG_2479 3. IMG_2113                                                            4. IMG_2111             5.     IMG_1840   6. IMG_1837 7. IMG_1814                                                            8. tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo6_r1_1280    9. tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo7_r1_1280                       10. tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo3_1280 11.tumblr_ln00j54B9a1ql1w4xo2_1280                                     12.IMG_0040 13. IMG_0037                              14.IMG_0006 15. DSC09672                           16. IMG_0011 17. DSC09663                                           18. DSC09660 19.  DSC09527                                                20.IMG_8443              21.    IMG_5105   22. IMG_7064 23,24,25 IMG_6912                                     26.IMG_6910 27. IMG_6909                        28.IMG_629729.  IMG_2988                                     30.IMG_2502 31. IMG_2501                                   32.IMG_249933. IMG_2496                                                  34.IMG_249535. IMG_2493                             36.IMG_249137.  IMG_2489                                                  38.IMG_248639. IMG_2483                   40.IMG_248241. IMG_2480

Making it happen

I just finished watching the movie Julie & Julia.

I actually got inspired with Julie’s dedication to blog every day about what she is cooking (inspired of course by Julia Child’s recipe). What is amazing is she was able to complete her project as she set to do it for 365 days.

Totally admire how she put her heart on it to get it done. And that journey really paid off for her. She was able to eventually had her book published and even had the movie. And now, she is doing what she really loves to do which is writing.

One of the things in my bucket list is to be able to publish my own book someday. I just don’t know how to start, where to start. I just don’t want to write for the sake of writing but to be able to inspire and encourage others as well. Thus, this blog.

I can always start something but to sustain it and finish it is a different story. I might need to be like Julia, challenging myself to really complete something for 365 days. It’s just that right now, I just don’t know what I want to write about.

I’ve been thinking that the book should be telling stories of ordinary people to other people. I want it to be a book that would let other people know that they are not alone on what they are going through. That on some parts of the world, people go through the same. But the highlight of these stories would be on how these people meet God and how their life changed from then on. It may seem common but it’s not just for the sake of publishing a book. It’s a book that when given to someone can truly inspire and encourage.

I dunno… I’m just thinking out loud here right now. Maybe, I should just really start doing something about it and just stop thinking.

Someday perhaps, it will happen?

Visiting the Greeks

The four places in my bucket list that I really want to visit are: Santorini, Paris, Israel and South Korea.

For my solo travel, it’s Santorini.

When I get married, it will be Paris. (very optimistic of the married thing, haha!)

With my parents, it will be Israel.

With anyone, I can bring them to South Korea. Not for free though. Haha!

This year, I’m praying and hoping that I will be able to visit Santorini. Thinking of going there on my birthday week on April.

Not sure if it’s the best time, but weather seems really nice. It’s like summer in Vancouver. But I hope it won’t be rainy.

I’m thinking of touring a day or two in Athens and Corinth, then spend the rest of my trip in Santorini.

Agggggh!! I’m so excited!

Any suggestions for my first ever solo trip?????

Can’t wait!!!

I checked these photos on their trip on April and the weather is really beautiful.


Rest of their photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pflum21/sets/72157626539261229/

Travel the World

With $1000, will I be able to travel into different places? You think?

I wish I can go to different places like starting tomorrow…

know the culture

meet the people

enjoy the food

take photos

live for a week or so

stroll around

bike around

write about the place

share God’s love

experience work

learn the language

teach my language

tell stories

hear stories

a lot to do!!!

I should start picking my first destination, what you think?

Any suggestion somewhere in Asia?


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