Had a great time this afternoon with group of women who made time to help out for the upcoming women’s event, Body and Soul.

We had so much fun doing crafts and stuff. Just my cup of tea! 🙂

And spent the rest of the afternoon with my dear soul sister, Rhodes, just catching up, accompanying her for a check-up and dinner/more quality time.

A pleasant night, indeed! 🙂



My shift ended 12 midnight. And when I got home, I had to do some laundry.  All done, thank God!

Now, just having some thoughts about life.

I was thinking, what’s really the purpose of everything that we do? I was asking myself. Why do I always try to give my best in my job, is it because I want to gain recognition? Or because I want to help our client and our company? Why do I have to go to church every Sunday? To just learn and feel blessed? Or to be able to live it out and share it others? Why do I blog? To express myself and gain praise? Or to inspire and encourage?

If I gain praise and recognition, then what? If it doesn’t glorify God?

If I get blessed and gain knowledge, then what? If it doesn’t bless God’s people?

If I do things that seem beneficial, then what? If not for God’s kingdom?

Just some questions I need to keep asking myself to keep me focused to the true purpose of my life.

Good night. Happy Weekend.