A bit discouraged


I just finished my sessions for driving. I was so happy how my first day turned out because I felt like I was starting right. However in my next sessions, the car was changed and I had to adjust again with my footwork. Β In my last session yesterday, I felt like I don’t want to drive anymore. The car kept on swerving because I was having a hard time controlling the steering wheel. I was having difficulty moving the car in between stops as I was struggling with the clutch and gas. The car was jerking. I felt tired after. 😦

Should I continue learning? Well, I should not give up, right? I guess, I was just being too hard on myself, setting high expectation that I should learn fast. Since I don’t have a car here in Manila, I couldn’t practice more. When I go home to Bacolod next month, I can use our car and practice harder and make sure that I can independently drive without an instructor telling me what to do. Hopefully, I will not do any damage. Hehe…

I’m just grateful that God kept me safe. πŸ™‚ There were no bumps and accidents during my lessons. Yay!

As much as I prefer to be a passenger than a driver, I’ll keep practicing because who knows, God will give me a nice car someday? πŸ˜€