A bit discouraged


I just finished my sessions for driving. I was so happy how my first day turned out because I felt like I was starting right. However in my next sessions, the car was changed and I had to adjust again with my footwork.  In my last session yesterday, I felt like I don’t want to drive anymore. The car kept on swerving because I was having a hard time controlling the steering wheel. I was having difficulty moving the car in between stops as I was struggling with the clutch and gas. The car was jerking. I felt tired after. 😦

Should I continue learning? Well, I should not give up, right? I guess, I was just being too hard on myself, setting high expectation that I should learn fast. Since I don’t have a car here in Manila, I couldn’t practice more. When I go home to Bacolod next month, I can use our car and practice harder and make sure that I can independently drive without an instructor telling me what to do. Hopefully, I will not do any damage. Hehe…

I’m just grateful that God kept me safe. 🙂 There were no bumps and accidents during my lessons. Yay!

As much as I prefer to be a passenger than a driver, I’ll keep practicing because who knows, God will give me a nice car someday? 😀


July 2011 – It was summer in where I was that time. My aunt invited me to join them for a long drive trip to Quebec coming all the way from Virginia. I got excited because I’ll be visiting a French speaking place (closest to Paris I could get…hehe).

Before our trip, I did not google about Quebec, asked what’s in that place or even got curious what I could see there. I realize that if someone else is planning the trip, I really don’t have to know the details.

And you know what? It was really good not to know the details. Because I didn’t know what to expect, I got blown away by the place. Sounds exaggerated? Not really. I fell “in love” with the place. I felt like I was in one of those places that I see in Europe. The old city of Quebec was really beautiful. And not to forget, the French dishes we have tried were really impressive. I’ve used some of the basic French words I’ve learned from my 101 class before (finally! Hehe)

I’ve learned some history about the province like it was used to be under the French colony, thus, the French-speaking people. It has a Catholic background seeing all the big churches in every town or city. I’ve learned from our tour guide that the highest rate of employment comes from tourism. No wonder I see information centers in almost every town we passed by to.

I must say, it was one of my best trips in Canada.  I thank God for such privilege of allowing me to see beautiful places on the other side of the world.


With Tita Merlyn making a pose in front of a lovely restaurant


strolling around the city


behind me, just one of the huge churches


i can’t even eat this, i can just stare




IMG_1232 - Copy


Shaun and Tito Elmer busy taking photos while I take a photo of them…hehe

IMG_1238if i was right,  i think this is their parliament building (??)

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