With Cheng in Manila, we rarely get this chance to be all together aside from Sunday meetings. Just happy to be with these sisters in Christ and just like the old times, talking and laughing about anything. 🙂 Too bad not all could come.




I had a great time today.

I attended my friend Sarah’s bridal shower which was very fun!

Then, I had dinner with highschool friends at A Taste of L.A. in QC. I liked the place. Comfy, nice ambience. Food were a bit pricey. Good that it was a treat! 🙂 But taste was good.

When I got home, I had a quick FT with the Veroni’s. Miss them bunch!

Now, I feel weird. And a bit sad. I dunno… I was soo happy that suddenly my emotion changed.

Weird, right?


This week has been a bit busy for me that I just wanted to chill out on a Friday night. Thanks to Rhodes, she welcomed me to her SAW(Singles@Work) group dinner. After dinner, Rhodes and I grabbed some drinks at a coffee shop. So good to just have a girl talk and laughed about things. Just the kind of break I needed this week. 🙂

So blessed with soul sisters!


Today was a jam-packed day! I had lunch at Boathouse with my co-workers. Then, carnival after. An indoor carnival. Then, worship service which really affirmed my prayer this morning. Dinner after at Pink Elephant with Coastal church friends. Then, dessert at DQ.

What a day, eh? 🙂 Always grateful to God for friends. 🙂