Something funny happened tonight that I just have to share it. While working something on my laptop, I suddenly felt a tiny nail (cut fingernail) on my track pad. I just ignored it, removed it then back to typing. Then, for a second, I paused. What is a nail doing on my track pad? How did it go there? And something made sense suddenly!

You see, for how many weeks already, I’ve been wondering what happened to the left key of my track pad. All of a sudden, it doesn’t work properly anymore. So, I lived with it thinking that it could have been of my long press of the key.

But now, it’s working so well!!! Connect the dots? Lol…

Oh well, lesson learned… when you are or someone is trimming nails, keep laptops away! haha…



I had a video call with one of my best friends who is living in Canada already. And my goddaughter Alexa is always present even though she doesn’t talk to me most of the call, she just wants me to watch her play around.

I asked her to sing me a happy birthday song but she wants to do it with her animal candle. Hehe… Cute girl!

I hope she feels better and her brother Lucas. They both got stomach virus from other children.

But this little angel never fails to make me laugh. Because of her sickness, she’s been farting a lot that she can’t even stand it. Then, she said to her fart: “Stay away from my bum.” Haha! Funny, cute, little angel. 🙂

Just a best way to end the night.

Sleep tight. 🙂

bday alexa



I had a great day today. Thank God for just sustaining me.

I was able to finish the things that I set to finish today and even was able to do other things.

But tonight’s dinner was the highlight of my day. I had a dinner with Emma and her daughter, Richi at White Spot. As always, not a dull moment with the little girl.

At the age of 3, she is just amazing to really start a conversation and just go on about it. hehe…

Funny conversation she had with our server, she said to the guy, “Can you be a macho man?” Hahahaha!

Also, we had a toast and she said, “Cheers to Mommy, Tita Pepz and Richi!” Hihi…

On our way home, she said, “The sun turned upside down.” Haha…because it was already a sunset…Funny girl!

A lot of funny conversations actually but those are the best ones. 🙂

Will truly miss her and Emma.