For the past days, I’ve been reading the book of Edmund Chan entitled, “Cultivating your Inner Life”. And every story, every thought just moves me.

My read for today is on the myths and truths of intimacy with God. This is a part of my read which really struck me because of the same journery that I had which led me more to pursue intimacy with God.




Tonight is a perfect night to be able to spend a great, quality time with the Lord.

Indeed, it is a privilege to worship the Almighty Father who is perfect, holy and powerful.

Thank You Father for this time.

I pray that you were pleased.

I love You Lord.


This week has really been exhausting for me – emotionally, mentally, physically.

I want this week to be over already but at the same time I don’t want to because I’ll be leaving soon already.

I just feel so numbed?? Heee…

But, I’m always grateful because God has really been sustaining me.

Thank You Lord.


Have you been praying for something and thinking that God will never answer you? Well, don’t give up praying because God answers. Not all the time the answer that we want, but for sure, it is always for our best.

Just want to encourage you with my own story too. -> HE Answers.