Bohol Day 2

Day 2 was amazing as day 1. But we had more fun. It was raining in the morning but didn’t stop us for our island tour. We crossed to an island in Panglao to do some snorkeling. Sooo much fun! Even if it was raining, we still were able to enjoy. Our guide was really cool. He took great underwater pictures of us. And he even tells us what to do so that we’ll have nice pictures. He was really nice. And thanks to Anni’s boyfriend, we have a very nice underwater camera.

After the snorekling, we went to the Bee Farm and had a delicious and festive lunch! The highlight was the flower salad. Who would have thought the flowers we see in the garden could be edible? Hehe… Really delicious! We tried their home made ice cream too. Anni had avocado and ube. I had ginger and malunggay flavor. Really yummy!

Then saving the best for last, we went to Hinagdanan cave. It was my first time to get into a cave. It was really a good experience. I was very surprised that our guide even knows how to do a manual setting of our camera to get good photos. Really cool!

Anni and I had a blast in Bohol. Will come back for sure for the beach next time. 🙂


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