Two long weekends in a row is just so so so so cool!

I’d never had such a restful weekend since the middle of the year. Two days of rest over the weekend were never enough. Not that I’m complaining, but just really happy that I get to enjoy another long weekend.

My roommie and I went to our favorite, “quiet” mall to just unwind. Had some Chinese for our late lunch, watched the movie, “Thor” which was really entertaining and did some little shoes and bread shopping.

I just thank God that tomorrow is just Saturday, and I still have 2 days to just relax and do the things I enjoy doing.

Here’s a photo of our bread shopping. I had my first Earl Grey Latte croughnut.



…long weekend over.

I just love this month! We had two consecutive long weekends and I am so grateful to be able to spend those with people who are dear to me.

Just this recent long weekend, my brother was here for a specific reason which turned out to be disappointing. But then, I don’t want us to dwell on it and instead just made the most out of it. It’s seldom I get family to visit me here in Manila. 🙂

I had a well-spent weekend with my brother and friends.

Saturday = Bourne Legacy + California Pizza Kitchen + Mary Grace Cafe

Sunday = CCF Anniv + Intramuros + Rizal Park

Monday = Videoke +  R&J Bulalohan

I just love long weekends even if cab drivers hate it (coz they don’t earn much…awww)!

I wish we have 3 days of weekend. Haha!

Thank you Lord for still making the weekend turn out memorable! 🙂




I had a very fun filled long weekend. Just so many things happened over the weekend that I don’t have much energy to write all about them. hehehe…

All I can say is I really had a great time spending it with people who are close to my heart.

Now that August will soon be over, it’s gonna be a new journey – difficult but still looking forward.

Thank You dear God for a great, happy weekend!


me, my bestfriend and Dindin (who made most of our weekend entertaining) at Resorts World, Manila


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