Travel the World

With $1000, will I be able to travel into different places? You think?

I wish I can go to different places like starting tomorrow…

know the culture

meet the people

enjoy the food

take photos

live for a week or so

stroll around

bike around

write about the place

share God’s love

experience work

learn the language

teach my language

tell stories

hear stories

a lot to do!!!

I should start picking my first destination, what you think?

Any suggestion somewhere in Asia?



One of the things I want to pursue is to tell the stories of normal people like me. Stories that will encourage others. Stories that will make them search for the truth. Stories that will inspire.

I’m hoping that this will be realized. Any person has a story to tell. This is not just about for the sake of blogging and gaining readers, but letting the world know that all of us have a common ground, we just respond differently.

🙂 aja aja!

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