Lovely Mess

How does your Saturday desk at home look like?  

Mine is like this. But, I call it a lovely mess. It means I have been productive. 😄😅😄 Note to self: Need new flowers

And by the way, if you see that book, 40 Days of Decrease, it’s a book I recommend to everyone who wants some slowing down. It is a book that opens you to insights on things that we tend to neglect most of the time. 👍👍

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” – Albert Einstein



I must say, today is officially my first day of being unemployed after the long holiday.

My last day at my work of more than 8 years was last Dec. 31.

Today is the first day of waking up not thinking of work and the things I need to do at work.

I had to make a schedule on how my day should go as I don’t want to spend each day lazily being so unproductive.

I’m excited on this journey as to how, where, what and when – will God take me to something new.

I’m happy also that I will have more time in my writing now. So much things I can do and so much time I can spend with the Lord!

My work is a gift from God. And this time to rest, is a gift from God also.

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