Two long weekends in a row is just so so so so cool!

I’d never had such a restful weekend since the middle of the year. Two days of rest over the weekend were never enough. Not that I’m complaining, but just really happy that I get to enjoy another long weekend.

My roommie and I went to our favorite, “quiet” mall to just unwind. Had some Chinese for our late lunch, watched the movie, “Thor” which was really entertaining and did some little shoes and bread shopping.

I just thank God that tomorrow is just Saturday, and I still have 2 days to just relax and do the things I enjoy doing.

Here’s a photo of our bread shopping. I had my first Earl Grey Latte croughnut.



I’m a fan of the classic brogue shoes! When I was in Canada, I didn’t get a chance to purchase one because of my excess luggage and there wasn’t anything on sale. To my surprise, when I got back in the Philippines, it’s been an “in” thing as well. Happy me!! 🙂

Yesterday, I wore one of my pairs which was a gift to me. Weee! 🙂

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