Late Night

I’m still awake, doesn’t want to sleep on some thoughts I have.

I usually don’t share some matters of the heart but tonight I will make an exception.

There’s this someone whom I’ve been crushing for sometime now. I know it sounds so highschool but I really seldom have one. So I just kinda like enjoy this moment. Lol

Anyway, I really don’t know much about this person except that he loves to serve God and others. And it’s interesting that he is still single.

We had very little exchange of conversations. Situation just really doesn’t allow sometimes. Most of the time, just really exchanging smiles.

I’ve been praying that at least there would be a chance for us to be friends but seems like it’s not happening. We just don’t belong in the same circle.

I thought he was interested in the beginning because he was making effort talking and making conversation. I got too conscious I could not even start one. lol

But maybe he isn’t after all. Better not assume anything.

So now, I’ll just wait until this phase will be gone…

Unless, God would make something happen đŸ˜‰

Good night!


Daily Thoughts


In the bus, on my way to Richmond tonight, I saw a man in the street proclaiming about God. I don’t know what he really believes in but I really admire his courage to go out to the street and tell people about God. Inside the bus, there were these three teenagers who made a comment about what religion the guy could be in. Then, one of them said a statement which really pinched my heart. They were discussing about the end of the world and then one said, “I’ll just accept whatever my fate is.”

In my mind, I was thinking if that person truly understood the weight of those words. These encounters remind me how much Jesus need to be made known to people.


There’s a typhoon again that made a land fall in Northern Luzon. This is old news already. Every year, there’s always this season that the country experience terrible loss, destruction and flood due to typhoon. But recently, it makes me ask why God would allow our country to experience such yearly? He can stop these typhoons, but in my mind, God allows these calamities for reasons. Whyis He allowing this in our country? What does God wants us to learn and realize? I believe it’s really time that as a nation we start seeking God and asking for mercy. It’s time that as a so-called “Christian” nation, we live it out.


I’m sleepy already but I’m still unable to sleep. I have so many things in my mind and in my heart that I just want to sort them out before I fall to sleep.

The past week has been filled with a lot of lessons learned, reminders, reflections, deep thoughts, controlled emotions, stories and action items.

I wish there is a system that would automatically organize each and put them into specific folders to be processed by my mental faculty.

Now, I really want to sleep. All of these in my mind, I just want to entrust to God. Not for Him to sort it out for me, but for me to be able to sort out things and make it aligned to His will.

Indeed, apart from Jesus, my life will forever be unsorted.

Tonight, I’m letting tomorrow worry for itself. Me? I will sleep in peace.

Good night! đŸ™‚



Just some thoughts before I sleep, which I would love to have your thoughts on it too…

If you prayed for something, but not really serious about it, though you are hoping it would come true, then that prayer got answered. How would you respond to it?

Something, I really need to ask God again.

Goodnight friends.

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