Worth Fighting For

I had the privilege to attend Kari Jobe’s Majestic Tour yesterday night at Broadway Church. For her front act was Warren Barfield who sang one of the soundtracks, “Love is a Fight” of the movie, “Fireproof”. He shared a story last night which left a mark in my life and I believe will forever be.

He shared the story behind the song “Love is a Fight” and it was about his marriage that closely would have come to an end. At the end of the biggest fight with his wife, they chose to fight for their love and marriage. He said that sometimes we fight for the wrong things. We fight for things that don’t even matter. He shared another story on his trip to the hometown of one of the children that he and his wife were sponsoring. He witnessed how much people are fighting to get into a little stream of water just to get a few gallons and bring it to their homes. And while seeing this, he saw a young boy at the side just standing. This boy could not get into the crowd and he was willing to wait the whole day until someone would fight for him to get water. And so, that’s what Warren did. He fought for this little boy, squeezed in to the crowd to get water for the boy. As they walked back, he was carrying a few gallons of water only for the boy. The boy had to walk 2 hours to get that water to his home. Something that we take for granted matters so much for others.

I hear so many stories like this in the past, but I never really do anything. I just react like, “Awww…”. Then, that’s it. Then, he popped the question. ARE THESE KIDS WORTH FIGHTING FOR? Warren and his wife had to give up eating at restaurants to be able to sponsor one child every month. It’s not like they will suffer hunger or anything. They will just have to eat their meals  at home to sponsor that child. And they believed, that child was worth giving up their restaurant meals. A man last night also decided to gave up his cigarettes to sponsor another child every month. God touched my heart that I can’t just settle for an “Awww..”. I believe I have to start doing something. And it’s not just about the monetary value that you give to these children and to their families but the opportunity to be able to share God’s love to them and make Him known to them. Those are worth giving up and fighting for!! Big Time!

I pray that I will learn to always keep fighting for the things that really matter – things that matter to God.

If you are touched by God, you can visit www.feedthechildren.org.

IMG_3857I’m excited as I entrust God to provide that I may be able to consistently help this child and her family. 

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