At work, there’s this initiative within the project wherein it is a journey to help the leads and managers in their leadership journey. Today, we had a peer coaching session. I’m excited how the whole journey will really help me in my current responsibilities. 🙂



I really had a fulfilling day today. A little busy, but I had an insightful, interesting day. Our pathway to leadership program started today. I had a lot of take home today. I’m just looking forward for the next 6 months of journey.

Thank You Lord for today! 🙂 ILU!



Today, I checked the Canada Immigration site and I felt so sad. They temporarily put on hold the Federal Skilled Work Program. 😦 My sister and her husband were getting all the documents ready already for July 2012. I feel soooo sad. 😦 It will still be in 2013 that it might be put back again.

I feel sad but this is one of those that you really don’t have control of. Only God knows what’s best for my sister and her husband. And for sure, His plans and timing are always perfect.

Oh well, cheer up!


My life back in Manila has officially started!

I got back from my vacation this Monday and went back to work this Wednesday. First week wasn’t bad after all. A lot of things that I need to complete, to recall, to be refreshed with and to adjust. Not all were so smooth, but I chose no to be stressed.

Hopefully, next week would be the same. 🙂

Happy Weekend!